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Welcome to the Pre-Algebra Review

This unit is a quick Pre-Algebra refresher that will help you to freshen up on the most important skills needed for Algebra 1.

In this unit you will review integer rules, order of operations, like terms, distributive property and formulas.

As an added bonus, I've also included the first unit of the Algebra 1 E-course! You now have access to all 12 lessons in the Solving Equations Unit. Just click "Solving Equations" at the top to access these lessons.

As you work through each of the lessons, you can print the workbook which includes a notes worksheet, practice problems and answer key. Then click the link to watch the video tutorial.

You may print out the entire workbook at once or print each individual lessons as you begin the lesson. To print the entire workbook for the unit, click here.

You will study the following 7 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Integers

  • Lesson 2: Algebraic Expressions

  • Lesson 3: Order of Operations

  • Lesson 4: Like Terms & the Distributive Property
  • Lesson 5: More Distributive Property

  • Lesson 6: Introduction to Matrices

  • Lesson 7: Using Formulas

The next unit in the Algebra 1 program is: Solving Equations

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