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Unit 1: Solving Equations

Welcome to the Solving Equations Unit. In this unit, you will solve linear equations in one variable.

This is the very first unit in the Algebra 1 program. This unit is the basis for all other Algebra units, so please make sure that you have a clear understanding of how to solve equations before moving on to any other Algebra unit.

You will study the following 11 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Equations

  • Lesson 2: One-Step Addition Equations

  • Lesson 3: One-Step Subtraction Equations

  • Lesson 4: One-Step Multiplication Equations

  • Lesson 5: One-Step Division Equations

  • Lesson 6: Two-Step Equations

  • Lesson 7: Using the Distributive Property

  • Lesson 8: Equations with Fractions

  • Lesson 9: Literal Equations

  • Lesson 10: Equations with Variables on Both Sides

  • Lesson 11: Real World Problems

Click here to print a Grade Sheet for Solving Equations. Please follow the lessons in order for a complete study of Solving Equations.

The next unit in the Algebra 1 program is: Graphing Equations

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